There is so much debating all around the globe, regarding whether women should be asked to learn to protect themselves from the evil intentions of evil men. Women all over feel that the men should be punished and that they themselves (women) should not need to do anything to protect themselves. In other words women should be allowed to roam around freely – skimpily clad if they wish – without drawing the wrong kind of attention and admiration from those around them. I know I am going to be in the firing line by those who have joined up in the slut-walk campaign, but really we do need to think about what we are doing.

And, by the way, I thoroughly dislike the term ‘slut-walk’. Why do we women have to give ourselves such a negative name. I know people refer to some women as ‘sluts’; and their behavior as ‘sluttish’; but, as I often told my children – if the name does not fit who you are – walk away and let barking dogs bark. When they see that you ignore them, they will realize that they were wrong in their assessment of you and you will have won without stooping to their level.

As a woman I feel that men should be castrated if they rape. Ouch, with a punishment like that they will have to think about it several times before they act. I don’t know of any man who would like that punishment.

However, my advice to women would be that the world is full of mentally sick people and sexually deprived men you need to learn to protect yourself from such people – just as you learn to be wary of snakes and stray dogs so too don’t put yourself in a position where someone can take advantage of you.

How many men do you see out there almost exposing themselves – they also have private parts to show but they mostly keep them decently covered up. You will hardly find any magazines with naked men – but, ah! naked women you will find a dime a dozen. We women, let ourselves down – by allowing others to exploit our sexuality thus. True, it is only some women who do it, but, there are enough of them who do it to make it harder for the rest of us.

It also does not help when women go up dressed with plunging necklines almost showing all there is to show. It is what I call, the “come hither” look. What you are doing is the equivilent of placing a million dollars in the open and showing it to everyone; and then expecting that they
will keep their hands off the money. Yes, a lot of people will walk away from it, but, others will not. Can we truly blame them or is it that we should be allowed to play the game of “tease”
without regard for the consequences?

An Imam mullah in Australia likened the women who dress thus, as a ‘piece of meat’ and men who them as ‘dogs’ – saying that if you throw a piece of meat at a dog he will definitely pounce at it and devour it. While, I and most of Australia felt and unanimously voted the mullah out of Australia – the fact is that if you put yourself in a position where you are dressing to exposing your sexuality and draw attention to it then you should be aware that not all men are mentally or morally balanced and that although, in a perfect world it would not happen – however, we are living in a far-from-perfect world and so we should be prepared for the worst should it happen.

As for me I feel that my body is my temple – it is not to be displayed to all and sundry.